1 how to choose the headset?

    • 1. first,you should buy the official headset from good manufacture, failure rate of headsetis not low than the general audio equipment, don’t trust low unit price productand false propaganda in webset, avoid fraud.

      2.choosethe headset according listening surroundings.

      Headset is incoulded headphone, earphone, earloop, headphone has good performance, not easy to be break, but due to bigvolume, it is is inconvenient to carry, it is suit in office or home and fixedposition; earphone is put the sound in the ear directly,Due to small volume, it is convenient tocarry, the quality of sound is good , voice interaction is good, lowfrequency loss is big.ear loop integrat advantages of headphone and earphone, appearancevogue, it is popular with young people.

      3.choosethe headset according parameter.

       Impedance:-----different impedance is used in different surroundings, high impedance isused in PC, power amplifier,VCD,DVD,TV,ect, to portable walkman, like CD,MD,MP3,ususally use low impedance.

      Frequency range----- it is width of frequency, it is 50Hz-12500Hz inIEC58110.

      Sensitivity----the value of power input under the condition of sameloudness, to protable walkman like CD, the higher sensitivity,The more easy to drive.

      Harmonic distortion---- the smaller the distortion, and thebetter sound quality 

    2 What is the impedance of the headphones?

    3 What is the frequency range of the headset?

    4 What is the sensitivity of the headset?

    5 What is the harmonic distortion headphones?

    6 What is a high-fidelity headphones?

    7 How to maintain headphones?

    8 No sound or headphone out how to deal with failure?