Anti-violence cafes headset YWZ-008 New Promotion

Release date:2015-02-03 Views:6088

YWZ-008       Anti-violence internet café headset



一,Product features:
1. The head beam is made of PVC tube and imported steel, strong enough
to anti bend and good recovery feature, for example, it’s still attached to head after any

difficult challenging bending, not easy deformation, durable even giving it 360 degree



2.The earcaps are made of protein material with a large hole on
The center( break the normal procedure of PVC material, which ensure its ability of high

and freezing temperature resistance
(no deformation between -30 o and 60 o),enough soft so that it’s
Fit for long time wearing.

3.We add fixed facilities and contact impedance between earmuff ring and pad which holds on

driver unit, this way is to avoid falling off of earmuffs.

二,Promotion and sale,
1. It looks noble, liberal and upscale with new color assortment of porcelain white-apple

green and black-red.
2. High sound quality in professional degaussing technology,  clear and full,
loud and vast, effectively reduce the magnetic harm on the brain.

3.It usesΦ5.0 PVC wire high heat resistance, cold resistance, strong and tensile and

4.Microphone is high sensitivity with strong pick up ability.
5.Shipment without package and 60pcs per carton.

The product is available for pre-order now.