Glare Gaming Headset - Ares Armor New Promotion

Release date:2015-02-03 Views:6142

New Promotion Ares Armor notice


Ares Armor Specifications
* Frequency response: 20Hz-20 kHz
* Speaker diameter: 40mm
* Speaker Impedance: 32Ω
* Rated power: 20mW
* Maximum input power: 100 mW
* Cable length: about 2 M
* 6 * 5mm-58dB microphone
* Plug: ¢ 3.5mm stereo
Ares Armor Features
* The new 40mm driver unit sound output of wide and delicate, allowing you to enjoy the feeling of being in the game,
* Exquisite design, low-key luxury IBM gray apple green and fresh and the perfect blend of elegant, beautiful. And a unique lamp mirror set, after the player into the USB port, ears decorations faint flashes of green light, bringing a new visual experience.

* Ergonomically designed for large headphones, specially designed for large head beam, while reducing wear caused by pressure.
* Ergonomic leather earmuffs, soft and comfortable cushion-shaped muscle
* High-atmosphere packaging design



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